Helen Isaac PT "Voted 2023's Best PT in Somerset" joins Louis Skupien for the Talk4 Podcast EP 082 - LouisSkupien

Helen Isaac PT

In this episode we spoke with Helen about her PT career, battling Leukaemia, getting out of bad places and using fitness to help and more!


Who Is Helen Isaac PT?

“I started my fitness journey 9 years ago, I suffered from low motivation and my mental well-being was at an all-time low. I did not have the confidence to step onto the gym floor, but I found the support I needed in a personal trainer. She taught me that the gym environment could be welcoming and supportive but best of all fun!  I was overweight and after having my beautiful daughter I suffered from postnatal depression but was in complete denial of it! I managed to keep up that facade for a good two years leaning on heavily sugary treats to make me happy but it just made me feel worse! It wasn’t until we were on a summer holiday with my wonderful family and I struggled with a short walk that I realised I needed to make a change… I have never looked back! When you find the perfect personal trainer who completely understands your fears, needs, goals and what inspires you to enhance your life you’ll find enjoyment in life again! I have used this philosophy in my own personal journey and have gained the experience and knowledge to now support others in their journey.  I am fully trained to Levels 2 and 3 in Personal training as well as an experienced life coach. I offer weight loss, muscle gain and nutritional advice. I can support you in confidence towards exercise and within your life. I have Chronic illness experience and support clients with joint pain or low mobility. I will support you no matter what your fitness level, I truly believe everyone should be able to feel the benefits from exercise! In June 2023 I was awarded Best Fitness Instructor for the Muddy Stilettos awards.




00:00 Welcome to the Talk4 Podcast!

00:43 Who is Helen Isaac?

02:44 How did Helen start her fitness journey?

05:42 How to build a strong client base with selective clients

09:50 Finding a Personal Trainer

11:00 Common misconceptions for new gym goers

14:19 Red Flags in gyms and what to avoid

18:00 Your first gym session

30:30 Getting out of depression and low points

38:10 Shameless plug! @helenifitness

39:20 Newcross Farmhouse & Sunday HIIT Class

40:14 Outro! See you next time!



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🌍 Helen’s Links:

👉🏻 Helen Isaac Fitness’s Website: https://www.helenisaacfitness.com

👉🏻 Helen Isaac Fitness’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helenifitness/

👉🏻 Helen Isaac’s TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@helenisaacfitness

👉🏻 Helen Isaac MawFIT Gym: https://www.mawfit.co.uk

👉🏻 Helen Isaac MawFIT Insta: https://www.instagram.com/mawfit/?hl=en-gb 

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Vera Jones

Vera Jones

Wow Helen is beautiful!
You both look like you are the best of friends!
What a great looking couple! Amazing cheekbones!

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