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BRONZE: This package will include a simple Talk4 Podcast recording, with promotional artwork, social media promotion, SEO optimisation, advanced keywording and very high ranking results. The podcast will be recorded on a day and time of your choosing on my Calendar.

SILVER: The Silver package will have everything in Bronze, but will also include a minimum of 8 short clips (Potentially more depending on episode length) with added captions that can be used for TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and everything you'd use a short clip for.

GOLD: The Gold package is my most premium podcasting service. This will include everything on Bronze and Silver, but will also include 5 edited quote posts for social media, blog posts on my website and a one week boost across advertising platforms for the episode. I will also give you a lifetime discount code for 25% off full price if you want to make another episode in future to get more content.

+ ADD ONS: If you would like to add extra quote posts, blog posts, more funding for advertising or have a special request, please contact me


Market yourself, your brand or your services on the Talk4 podcast! I ask 4 unique questions that dive into the backstory, workings, expertise and plans of individuals and companies! My fanbase would love to hear about what you have to say on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and many more platforms!

Talk4 is a unique podcast structured around asking 4 great questions to unique, famous and talented individuals. In our explosive first year I spoke to many dream guests including the Former Commander of Top Gun, former Navy SEAL commanders, a Nuclear submarine commander, a Guided Missile Destroyer Commander, the Blue Angels Executive Officer, esteemed actors from productions like SEAL TEAM and Hollywood blockbusters, accomplished business owners, bestselling authors, and an array of inspiring personalities. I had the honour of interviewing Mike Ling, the longest-serving Red Arrows Pilot also.

The success of my podcast stems not only from the quality of my guests but also from my dedication to crafting captivating content. I have a history of producing high-quality and widely-viewed videos to accompany each experience. This commitment was evident when I was invited to fly with a Top Gun graduate in an L39 Albatros and when I was invited to fly with the RedBull Aerobatic helicopter pilot in the RedBull Helicopter and perform aerobatics. On both occasions, I documented the adventure in a visually engaging manner that resulted in substantial views.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on in and be ready for some awesome questions as I dig deep to find out about your story and expertise!

Once you have purchased the appearance, an intelligent booking link will be sent to you to help you find a day and time for the recording.


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Show length: 25-75 minutes (Length can vary and is dependant on answer lengths and conversation flow)

Platform: Recorded over Zoom!

Publishing: Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube, Google Podcasts, Radio Public, Amazon + many more

Refunds: As a service, I cannot give you a refund unless there is a problem that prevents me fulfilling the service. Episode views and listens are not guaranteed as it can vary from guest to guest.

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