Interview with Sam Hardy | Base Jumper & HEAD Instructor | Talk4 EP #070 | - LouisSkupien

Talk4 Podcast Episode #070 with Sam Hardy, Base Jumper and head instructor for - hosted by Louis Skupien In this episode we spoke with Sam about his career, how he got into BASE jumping, the mindset required to BASE jump, advice for aspiring base jumpers, the top locations to BASE jump, the rules and laws around base jumping and much more.


Who Is Sam Hardy?

👉🏻 Who Is Sam Hardy? Sam Hardy is a professional Base Jumper, Wingsuit pilot, BASE jump instructor and head BASE jump instructor at - Sam has flown in excess of 2500 BASE jumps and is regarded as a legend in the sport.



00:00 Talk4 EP 070 with Sam Hardy Introduction

01:28 How did Sam Hardy get into BASE jumping + First jump

06:41 How comparable is SkyDiving to BaseJumping?

08:27 When did Sam Hardy start flying the WingSuit?

10:27 How many BaseJumps has Sam Hardy done?

11:20 Has Sam Hardy ever had a life threatening jump or accident?

13:57 How do you overcome the fear of heights?

17:00 Can you beat natural fear of heights?

20:20 Advice for aspiring Base Jumpers

22:40 Top 3 BASE jumping Locations

26:15 The legal side of BASE jumping and sticking to the laws

30:00 Sam Hardy future jumps and plans

31:15 Sam Hardy Social Media & Website

32:15 Signing off




This episode is available to listen to on all platforms by clicking the link below or visiting the @talk4podcast Instagram Page, following the link in bio and choosing any of your favourite platforms!


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