Talk4 Podcast Episode #075 with RedBull Airforce Helicopter Pilot Aaron Fitzgerald by Louis Skupien - LouisSkupien

In this episode we spoke with RT about his flying career, acquiring and restoring Swamp Fox P-51 Mustang, how hard it is to fly the P-51 Mustang, Airshows and displays and loads of aviation fun and trivia!


Who Is Aaron Fitzgerald?


Aaron grew up in Wenatchee – which is home to a USFS Tanker base – watching airplanes and helicopters overhead as they fought fires in the surrounding mountains. Seeing these aircraft in the skies all summer instilled in him a strong desire to fly. Aaron has primarily focused on flying for the film and television industry; he has performed and filmed for over 100 films and television shows.


Besides this he has also flown in various other capacities such as utility flying in mountainous terrain and offshore support. He is part of the RedBull helicopter team since 2018 and is representing them in the USA as an airshow-pilot for helicopter aerobatics at the Red Bull North-America.




00:00 Talk4 EP 075 intro by Louis Skupien

00:35 Who is Aaron Fitzgerald?

01:20 Are people shocked that a helicopter can go upside down?

02:40 How did Aaron Fitzgerald get into flying helicopters?

05:38 What makes the RedBull helicopter so special?

06:50 How can a helicopter fly upside down?

09:50 What work have you done in the film industry?

14:52 Most prestigious movies

14:15 How many G’s do you pull in the helicopter show?

18:20 What do negative G’s feel like?

19:24 Airshow bucket list!

23:35 What’s next for Aaron Fitzgerald and RedBull?

24:48 Shameless plug! Aaron Fitzgerald Instagram

25:58 Signing off!




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🌍 Aaron & RedBull’s Links:

👉🏻 Aaron Fitzgerald Flying Bulls:

👉🏻 RedBull Aaron Fitzgerald:

👉🏻 Aaron Fitzgerald IMDB:

👉🏻 Aaron Fitzgerald Instagram:


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