Louis Skupien and Mark "Slider" Keller discuss Generational Trauma in new video! - LouisSkupien

Mark "Slider" Keller and Louis Skupien discuss and open up the effects of generational trauma and go through how to prevent and stop the continuation of intergenerational trauma. Ever wondered why you never feel good enough? This may be why.


The Talk4 Podcast EP #038 with Mark "Slider" Keller    • Mark "Slider" Kel...  

👉🏻 Who is Mark "Slider" Keller? LCDR Keller is a retired F-14 Radar Intercept Officer and seasoned combat veteran who retired from the United States Navy with PTSD, had a bad experience with the VA and like so many others, was medicated into oblivion and having survived that, is now grateful to be alive. He found healing transformation through Ibogaine/5-MeO-DMT-assisted therapy and has now dedicated his life to helping others find their paths to wellness and to combatting the tragedy of veteran suicide. He is also one of the five subjects of the documentary film “No Fallen Heroes”, which tells the stories of combat aircrew who have found new life through psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Video Title: Generational Trauma | How it's harming you and your FUTURE Children - Mark "Slider" Keller explains

This video has information on generational trauma, intergenerational trauma, mental health, but also covers the following topics: Trauma Psychedelic assisted therapy Louis Skupien and Mark "Slider" Keller

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