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Talk4 Podcast Episode #072 with SEAL TEAM actor Mike Wade who portrays LT Soto.


In this episode we spoke with Mike about his acting career, getting the SEAL TEAM role, fun SEAL TEAM trivia, advice for other actors, the future of the series and more!


Who Is Mike Wade?

👉🏻 Mike Wade is a Los Angeles native, born on Sunset Blvd. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from California State University, San Bernardino, where he took his first acting classes as a senior. Mike went on to study at the Howard Fine Acting Studio in Los Angeles and is a graduate of the Joanne Baron / D.W. Brown Studio in Santa Monica, California






00:00 Talk4 EP 071 Introduction

00:50 Who is Mike Wade?

01:30 How did Mike Wade get into acting?

02:30 Getting the role for LT Soto in SEAL TEAM

06:00 How was the feedback from fans for playing Soto?

09:25 What was it like finding your footing as LT Soto replacing Blackburn?

11:15 How much of LT Soto is in Mike Wade?

15:00 Aj Buckley and Max Thieriot banter

17:55 Physical training for SEAL TEAM

24:50 The future of SEAL TEAM

30:40 Shameless plug! Mike Wade social media

31:35 What would Lt Soto say about the Talk4 podcast?!

31:50 Talk4 EP 072 signing off 




This episode is available to listen to on all platforms by clicking the link below or visiting the @talk4podcast Instagram Page, following the link in bio and choosing any of your favourite platforms!





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