Neil Brown JR | SEAL TEAM's Ray Perry - Bravo 2 Navy Seal Paramount + | Talk4 #073 - LouisSkupien


In this episode we spoke with Neil about his acting career, getting the SEAL TEAM role, information on Ray Perry, advice for other actors, the future of the SEAL TEAM and more!


Who Is Neil Brown JR?

👉🏻 Cornelius C. Brown Jr. (born June 19, 1980) better known as Neil Brown Jr., is an American actor. His most recognisable role may be in the television series The Walking Dead as Guillermo, leader of the Vatos and as Felix on the short-lived South Beach on the former UPN. He also played DJ Yella in the 2015 biopic, Straight Outta Compton. In 2017 Brown was cast as Ray Perry on the CBS show SEAL Team.






00:00 Welcome and promotions!

00:53 Talk4 EP 073 intro by Louis Skupien

01:25 Who is Neil Brown JR?

02:36 How did Neil Brown JR get into acting and his first role?

07:20 How did Neil Brown JR get cast as Ray Perry for SEAL TEAM?

10:00 Physical Training for SEAL TEAM and getting in Ray Perry shape

12:13 Bravo Team paintball match, who would win?!

18:05 Advice for upcoming actors and getting into acting.

21:44 How to act in a torture scene and getting into that mindset

25:40 Neil Brown JR Terminator impression (I'll be back)

30:00 Ray Perry recovering from PTS Trauma

33:15 The future of SEAL TEAM and Ray Perry

36:55 What does Neil Brown JR dislike and like about Ray Perry

41:50 How much of Neil is in Ray Perry and vice versa

44:15 What roles would Neil Brown JR want to take in future?

48:09 Shameless plug, Neil brown JR promotions.

50:15 Talk4 EP 073 outro and thanks! 




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